Credits - James Gifford


I have been fortunate to have won awards in a number of photographic competitions and  have been on the judging panel for the Diaframmi Photo Awards. My images have also been exhibited in the New York Smithsonian Museum, London's Somerset House, The Californian Academy of Science, San Francisco and Johannesburg's  Iziko South African Musuem.

The Human Touch

Winner, Human/Nature category, BigPicture Photo Contest 2019 

Too Close for Comfort
Silent Journey

2nd Place, Mammal Behaviour, Nature's Best Photography Africa 2018

Commended, Sony World Photography Awards 2018

One of the primary reasons I embarked upon my 2 year project in Savute, Botswana was to capture the rare behaviour of a fishing leopard. Four related leopards had been known to actively fish in the Savute channel, a river whih only started flowing in 2010 having been dry for 30 years. In 2013, when the water levels started to drop, the leopards discoverd the feast of catfish lying underneath but shortly afterwards, the annual flood arrived, rescuing the catfish and prompting one leopard in particular to learn how to fish in the flowing water, a feat only possible in precise conditions which occurred at night for just a couple of weeks a year. I converted a camera to infrared to try to captuire this nocturnal activity without disturbing the leopards but the necessary conditions never occurred again. When the channel finally dried into a handful of pools, the catfish were stranded and I spent many days over several weeks waiting by them hoping a leopard would come and take advantage. Eventually I was rewarded when this female, who was the most prodigious angler, arrived and plucked her writhing trophy from the murky water with ease.

Winner, Oasis Magazine Award 2017

Finalist, Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017

Finalist, BigPicture Photo Competition 2016

Winner, Wildlife Photograph of the Year, Nature's Best Photography Africa 2016 


I have written two books and my work has been featured in numerous publications. For a full list of my publishing credits, please click here.