Commercial Photography


Architectural photography requires meticulous preparation, a detailed understanding of light and an instinctive grasp of the optimal composition – skills which I have built up over the last decade and more. My goal is not only to portray the property in the best way possible, but to capture its essence and ambience, so that for a few seconds the viewer is transported inside. Every camp, lodge, hotel and restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and style. By focusing on this  a successful marketing image will  distinguish your property from the competition, and importantly entice more guests. A selection of my images can be found here.


If you want your product to stand out from the masses, then it is vital to get creative. Whether that means shooting from an unusual angle, capturing a unique, split-second moment or spending hours setting up the perfect scene, I will go to any lengths to ensure my clients receive high impact images that tell a story and make a difference. A selection of my images can be found here.