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Recent technological advances have made shooting short films on DSLR cameras not only an affordable alternative to broadcast equipment but occasionally,  a more desirable option due to their portability and impressive quality of lenses available. 

The unstoppable rise of social media combined with 5G wireless and lightning fast broadband internet (outside Botswana!) also means that short videos have become a remarkably effective marketing medium capable of distinguishing your firm from the competition in just a few minutes.

From safari companies carving out their niche to research projects illustrating their work to potential funders, a promotional video is fast-becoming an obligatory tool in every company's marketing armoury irrespective of their fields of work.  

I have been creating videos since 2010 and my equipment includes a pro-spec drone, shoulder-rig and sliders, ensuring the final product looks both dynamic and professional, and most importantly, that it conveys the message that you want to portray.


Dinaka: An oasis in the Kalahari

Young Explorers

A Photographer's Paradise

Safaris are often portrayed as serious, almost melodramatic experiences, but it is important to remember they are also fun, especially when you have kids in tow. This short film focuses on that aspect, based on Ker & Downey's Young Explorers safari programme. 

This is a short film I shot and edited for the Zimbabwe photographic workshop I run with Amazing Views Photo and Adventure Tours. The trip includes Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools and all the footage here (and much more that I had to cut) was shot in the space of one safari.

Africa Wild


The EcoExist Project

Journey To Wildest Botswana

I can't take all the credit for this excellent documentary produced by RIchard Hughes, which was selected for the American Conservation Film Festival but I am proud to have contributed some of the footage.

SAVE Botswana

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